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The One Thing You Need to Know Before Crafting Your Brand - Built By Brandt

The One Thing You Need to Know Before Crafting Your Brand

If there’s one thing I see derail a beautiful brand, this is it. Are you ready?


That’s it. That’s all it is.

Your understanding of this one concept can make or break your brand.

Let’s dive into some brand strategy ⚡️👇🏼⠀

The biggest rut I find my clients stuck in when designing their brand identity is focusing too much on designing for *themselves*. 🤷🏼‍♀️You’ve been there, right? Thinking “what font represents ME” or “let’s make everything blue because that’s MY COLOR” 🙋🏼‍♀️🌈⠀

Here’s the thing: your brand isn’t for you. Every decision you make about color, the font in your logo, right down to the way you phrase your mission statement should be focused on YOUR TARGET MARKET. 😱👏🏼⠀

Before I ever start designing, I have my clients tell me who their ideal client is, what social media platforms they live on, what they love, what they hate, etc. 🙌🏼 We dive deep into what attracts their ideal client and what repels them. 🔍 Then, every design decision is made through this lens. ⠀

Now, we ask the questions “what font is attractive to my ideal client?” and “what color is going to grab THEIR attention”? 🌈⠀

Before you start branding, get crystal clear about who you’re branding FOR. Because it’s certainly not you. 👏🏼⠀

Need help identifying who you’re branding for? I’ve created a quick little worksheet that will help you nail down your target market in 10 minutes or less. Seriously.

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